What doesn't kill me better run Bullet Necklace


What doesn't kill me better run

Handmade item
Materials: 38 bullet, 38 caliber bullet, swarovski crystal, hand stamped coin

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    Bullet Necklace - Bullet Jewelry

    What doesn't kill me better run, bullet necklace with a hand stamped coin and 38 caliber bullet.

    Makes a great and unique gift for yourself or someone special. This is a .38 caliber pendant and is accented with a Swarovski crystal in the middle, and a hand stamped coin. I have may colors available, including birthstone colors if you want another color please contact me.

    This necklace is made from nickle plated 38 caliber bullets that have been tumbled clean and polished with a cloth to give a nice shine. Each piece is hand cut and crafted, so there may be subtle differences than what you see in the photo such as head stamps or markings. Same goes for the hand stamped blanks, there may be slight variations such as spacing, since they are all hand stamped. If you want a specific brand of bullet, please contact me and I can see what I can do.